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Originally Posted by veeps View Post
Can't stress enough how much this helps. I think the one constant theme seems to be the Corydon/Osborne village areas which having done some research seems to be about a 10 minute drive to where I'd be working as per google maps. I think that is going to be where I focus on. Again, thank you all so much for your insights.
Osborne Village is probably a 30 minute (or less) walk from most of Downtown.

If you go to Google Maps and type in "Osborne Village, Winnipeg" it'll center on the area and draw a little dashed-line border around the neighbourhood. Using this method, your prime living areas are:
  • McMillan (this covers Osborne Village west of Osborne and Corydon Village north of Corydon - probably the most desirable area on the whole)
  • Osborne Village
  • Earl Grey (the closer to Corydon, the better)

There's a pretty good mix of housing in those areas - from small (< 1000 sq ft) detached 2 bedroom bungalows on small lots to apartment condos in character 3-storey walkups to modern high-rises.

You might also want to look at:
  • Crescentwood
  • Norwood West
  • Riverview
  • Wolseley
  • Broadway-Assiniboine
  • Exchange District

Those last two are downtown, but are pretty popular residential areas. Broadway-Assiniboine is pretty quiet and a quick stumble home from the MTS Centre. The Exchange District has lots of nightlife and a lot of condos - from loft-style converted warehouses to the upscale Riverfront Drive.

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