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06-01-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove View Post
I've had the game since the midnight launch and here are my thoughts:

-For a game that's just launched, it's extremely polished with very few bugs. The only one minor one I notice is that you can't search for Attack Speed% for quivers.
-Despite being initially skeptical about the skill/rune system being too casual, I actually enjoy it. I don't miss the skill tree system at all. Nephalem valor is a great way to "lock" you into a build.
-The storytelling and dialog (especially with the bosses) is not good. Diablo 2 was mysterious, you weren't sure what awaited you at the end of an act. In D3 we have goofy "visions" that recycle the same "Your accomplishment X is irrelevant, I will defeat you with Y! Oh you defeated Y? Thats irrelevant because I have Z!". I cringed when the Skeleton King beckoned "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!".
-The chat system is strange. Why is it not consistent across Battlenet 2.0?
-Items in this game are very soulless. So far for me as a Demon Hunter it's been a simple matter of scouring the AH for gear that has slightly higher Dexterity than what I'm currently wearing. It's not interesting, and there's no sense of my character being more powerful when I do it.
-After just over 2 weeks I am unfortunately not sucked in like I was with D2. It's fun to play, but I don't find myself looking at the clock wondering where 4 hours went.

With all that being said, I never really considered D2 a "great" game until the expansion came out.
This could easily be added to my post about how some things in this game just aren't Diablo-y. This crap is just bad. Some of the dialogues seem like they were written and acted out by 12 year the flashback of Leoric getting stabbed, for instance. I don't think the story is any worse than Diablo 2's, but it is not presented well at all so it suffers.

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