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06-01-2012, 01:03 PM
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Wow that is tiny! My boy is 3 and 28 points and underweight

Definitely get the smallest blade you can find for a youth stick, that seems to make a difference. My kid used one of those $20 "toy" composites for a year and that worked excellent for him. Moving him up to wood was tricky as it was twice as heavy, and he keeps going back to the old plastic stick. Keeping the size of the blade small will reduce the weight and improve the balance.

On the down side, with a light blade, it tends to reduce the puck feel, which can make receiving passes harder. So keep that in mind if she has trouble catching the puck.

Don't worry about the flex now, and likely until she's nearly a teenager.

My guess is, if you spend about $50 and get something she thinks looks good and feels light, you'll be fine for the year.

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