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06-01-2012, 01:30 PM
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Wang will never buy him out as long as the contract accomplishes a purpose. The purpose here is to fill the huge hole caused by an inability to entice players to sign here while meeting the minimum club salary requirements. Meanwhile, Insurance recompenses him for much of Ricky's salary. So in essence he is able to sidestep the minimum salary requirements.

That is the formula keeping Ricky here no matter what comes out of the upcoming CBA. He is the one owner able to circumvent the cap using insurance money. If Charles could somehow get Tavares, Okposo, etc., injured out long term I suspect he'd like that as well, because they would still count vs. the cap and he would be reimbursed via insurance, thus allowing him to operate an even lower bottom line.

Hm. Makes you wonder about the lack of physical response the owner seems to prefer, but I digress. No way Ricky gets bought out, ever, for the reasons I outlined.

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