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06-01-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Woodhouse View Post
Friedman chimes in that the cap could near $74 million:
Initially, I was told this was not included in the calculation, but now I'm told that is incorrect. Also, @FehrTheeWell pointed out a mathematical mistake on Twitter. The inflator is applied to the midpoint figure, not the cap number. I should have remembered that. Apologies, the errors were mine.
There's no way that they could reach $70.3m with $3.3b in revenue and no escalator, so he should have done his homework first.
Of course, he later corrected it, as seen above.

Right now, the number is $70,335,000 with the escalator and $67,366,667 without.

Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
I could see the NHLPA doing just that under the current CBA to help "entice" teams this summer to spend more on free agents, which would help in offsetting the potential salary rollbacks that players may face under a new CBA.
The purpose of the escalator is to create more potential money to offset the money put into escrow.
It is not meant to offset rollbacks.

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