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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
If the Raptors slide into help facilitate salaries as part of a Houston trade with, say, LA for Gasol (who they already wanted last year), they could probably significantly lower the price the team would pay for Lowry. Instead of the 8th they could give up a cheap roster player and agree to take a poisonous contract. The Raps have even more $$$ to play with anyway thanks to a trade exception they got from the Barbosa trade.

Recall that at the start of the year, Houston was willing to ship out Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, and a 1st in order to get Gasol from the Lakers during that ill-fated Chris Paul 3-way trade.

So based on that, and just as a "for instance", I used ESPN's trade machine (click to go to the TM page) to do this:

To Toronto:
Kyle Lowry
Kevin Martin

To Houston:
Pau Gasol

To Los Angeles:
Jose Calderon
Luis Scola

There could be some pick movement in there somewhere. Give a 1st to Houston that's not the 8th this year.

Houston gets Gasol, who they wanted to begin with. the Lakers get themselves a real PG in lieu of missing out on Paul last year and they get Scola to essentially replace Gasol at a somewhat minimal downgrade. Both players are older, but it's a last gasp attempt to win a title with Kobe before they can torch the veteran core of the team and try to rebuild, possibly around Bynum if they don't deal him in a secondary trade. The Raptors get their PG of the now and future in Lowry, and take the bigger contract of Kevin Martin, who can provide some offensive punch and whose defensive deficiencies can be masked in Casey's system.
That's actually not bad but I think they'll be hoping for more value for Lowry.

K-Mart might be a bad contract, but he's got one more year so it's manageable at worst for them.

I have a feelings they'll want us to swap picks with one of theirs. They get a better chance to get a top prospect, we get a PG.

So something like:




I guess if they really insisted, we could take back K-Mart too.

With the 14th overall, we have a few options. If we wanted a SG, we could take Waiters. Zellers/Heson/Moultrie if we wanted a big man.

I think that's the type of value they'll be looking at.

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