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06-01-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Devs Service Answers
WOW...this really infuriates me...let me give some background here:

- The $&*#& that are brokers, developed a program that (if you can believe this) recognizes when we PLACE tickets on a group manager offer, before it even is sent out, and buys tickets right off of the system, before we've even sent the email out. I have a dirty word for this but I will keep to myself on a public board.

- For last game's college offer, we identified the broker, called him and told him his seats would be voided, and to take them DOWN off of Stub Hub.

- We told him if it happens again, he will never have the right to buy seats from the Devils again.

If you can send me the location, I can look into it. Did you buy it off of the College link or off of SH? That's an important piece, here.

Thanks...please email me at
The use of any programs to bypass ticketmaster security is actually illegal. If you know who this is you should already revoke all of his tickets, including for the rest of the SCF, as well as prosecute. Slime like this should be put where they deserve!

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