Thread: Speculation: Tim Thomas may take the year off?
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06-01-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by BoyntBergie View Post
Rick, as a Bruins fan, you can't see how this hurts the team a bit? Aside from what you consider more important?

1. Rask's agent is drooling puddles right now.
2. Thomas could have probably got us a decent return on the trade market.
3. We're stuck with his cap hit, which limits the team (if I recall what I read correctly).
4. If he wasn't dealt, the #1 goalie just bolted on the team.

As Bruins fans, you can't see why that might leave a slightly sour taste in some people's mouth? It hurts the team a bit, whether or not his reasoning trumps that stuff aside...
Rask's agent and Thomas's agent are the same person.

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