Thread: Speculation: Tim Thomas may take the year off?
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06-01-2012, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by BoyntBergie View Post
Rick, as a Bruins fan, you can't see how this hurts the team a bit? Aside from what you consider more important?

1. Rask's agent is drooling puddles right now.
2. Thomas could have probably got us a decent return on the trade market.
3. We're stuck with his cap hit, which limits the team (if I recall what I read correctly).
4. If he wasn't dealt, the #1 goalie just bolted on the team.

As Bruins fans, you can't see why that might leave a slightly sour taste in some people's mouth? It hurts the team a bit, whether or not his reasoning trumps that stuff aside...
As a fan, I'm disappointed he won't be helping the Bruins win games. he was my favorite Bruin without a doubt.

However, to every single one of those number points: Why does Thomas care?
You think while he was mulling over this decision, thoughts of Rask's/his agent drifted through his head? "Oh **** I can't take a year off, the Bruins may have to pay more to Tuukka!"

I mean, really? Does it suck for us as fans? I guess? Maybe? I don't know. I guess I'd be more concerned about it if we were up against the cap. but we're not. Putting Savard on LTIR will negate Thomas' contract, Khudobin will cost less and if we ever decide to sign a top 6 scorer, we'll still have space to do that too so I'm not really seeing us getting handcuffed here.

And even if we were, that's none of Thomas' concern. I'm guessing family trumps a cap issue.

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