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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I constantly see people slamming Roy and his "ego" and using that as a negative.

If Roy were truly an "ego-maniac", he would have imploded years ago (and I mean literally, not some raging from the bench) and would have been out of hockey. He is only a 1/4th owner of the Remparts after all.

So what about ego. One of the biggest egos in hockey belonged to Scotty Bowman with his chin jutted out and his air of self assurance and arrogance. He was a winner. Steve Jobs had a huge ego and was a cocky man. He created a winner.

Having an arrogant ******* in leadership is not a bad thing. It is far superior to having a strong ego leading a team than a timid leader lacking confidence. After all, almost ALL of the NHL players have egos (they know that they are the best of the best-------or else they wouldnt be there).

Patrick Roy's ego is a non-issue. The issue will be whether he is attuned to the NHL of present where aggressive play wins championships. Both New Jersey and LA are playing aggressive hockey. None of the passive **** that we have seen in Montreal for the last decade or so.

That will make or break Patrick Roy.......not his temper or yelling at the refs (which I think will be a refreshing change of pace.....especially since the refs screwed the Canadiens a lot during Martin's tenure and he just took it quietly).

Oh, and Carbo needs to stay wherever he is right now. He is not a communicator and his hockey decisions were to the detriment of this team. We do not need him as an assistant.

I agree .

Got no problem with Roy being too "fiery ", all these people saying that forget Pat Burns.We just had a guy with emotions equivalent to a stone , some "fire" behind the bench would be a welcome sight.

Rangers coach has a little too much for some , but he got them to conference finals .

The biggest thing we need is a coach who hates to lose,doesn't have a hockey style from 1991 , and will work with WELL with our young guys.I want a coach that don't want 4 liners playing top line minutes, want a coach who won't play forward as dmen ...I want a coach who won't try to justify stupid decisions.
I want a coach who won't try to sit on leads , or sit back when down goals ......I want a coach who will let the players play to there strengths, not try to turn them into something there are not ,I want a communicator coach who can be on a level with the players , not some old or young dictator.

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