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11-25-2003, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
I regard the Oilers as deep as some of the best at the forward position, just lacking top end talent. However, the Oilers are PAINFULLY thin at goal & defense.

Just for fun, how would you guys rate the Oilers players on an NHL depth chart? Here's how I'd have it:

1st liners: None
2nd liners: Ales Hemsky, Radek Dvorak, Adam Oates, Mike York, Ryan Smyth (I think York and Smyth can be bonefide 1st liners some nights, and are surely very top end 2nd liners at least. I just don't think they put up the numbers of a 1st liner)
3rd liners: Moreau, Torres, Isbister
4th liners: Pisani (still not 100% sold on him yet), Laraque, Horcoff, Reasoner

#1 Defensemen: None
#2 Defensemen: None
#3 Defensemen: Brewer, Staios, Smith
#4 Defensemen: Semenov
#5/6 Defensemen: Cross, Bergeron,

AHL'ers/Press Box: Stoll, Ferguson, Chimera (still..), Sarno, Salmo

Something like that. I'm comparing them to where I'd rank them versus other guys in the league. Some of 'em are pretty close (Staios, Brewer, Smyth, and York can all be better depending on the game).

How would you guys have it?
The more I listen to you the more I begin to think you dont' watch the Oilers much. Reasoner? A fourth liner? He's MUCH more then a third liner! The kid is one of the better defensive forwards - he's alot younger then most who do his job, an his offense is improving steadily. To call him anything less then a thirdliner at the moment is SOOO far off that it hurts. Stoll? Press box/AHL??? The kid has played GREAT! He's got like 3 goals in 9 bloody games!!!!! He's mature beyond his years, he's a great leader, and he is a plus defensivly, on the PK, and in the circle!!! WAY WAY off on him. Smyth is not a second line player. He has proved that he is a valuable first line player. The simple fact is that he hasn't played with the type of players he thrives with - set up men type. Smyth is a first liner on 90% of NHL teams.

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