Thread: Speculation: Tim Thomas may take the year off?
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06-01-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Lady Rhian View Post
If I had had the chance to save my father's life, you can bet your sweet ass I would have taken ten years off to do it. For me, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more important than my family and close friends. If I have to move across the world to save one of my kids or husband, bet your sweet ass again, I would do it without hesitation..........

Some of us put life ahead of careers and self. Sorry you're not one of those people, but don't judge others for doing so.
Nice one Audrey (as usual).

I wish only the best for Tim Thomas.

I would hate to see him in net for another team.

No Timmy Thomas in 2011 = No Stanley Cup for Boston.

"Bergeron...Bergeron !!!"
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