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06-01-2012, 07:53 PM
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I haven't been able to practice that much lately but so far I think I like the tackiness- I feel like it gives me more control because when my hands get sweaty they seem to start slipping on the regular tape; I also use an intermediate stick so the thickness hasn't seemed to bother me yet... My opinion might change the more I practice though.

Originally Posted by michaelshu View Post
70% of my teammates uses it because we don't have a hockey shop, never heard them complaining...

My question is: if you have easy access to tacki-macs and grip tapes, why would you choose a tennis grip...?
I don't have easy access to those. The closest LHS is about 80 miles away and it's going out of business. I'm also new to hockey so I'm doing a lot of experimenting right now to see what works for me- when I found this grip lying around I immediately wanted to try it out.

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