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11-25-2003, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
I think perhaps you've been watching the Canuck goalie situation for too long, because here in Habland a ho-hum performance by a goaltender is unacceptable. And as for saying we have the best goalie in the league barring Brodeur right now is painfully inaccurate. We have the most inconsistent goalie in hockey - by far. Four shutouts and an even higher total of putrid games.

The first goal by Keane was through the wickets, fluorescent five hole, betwixt the paddings, whatever you want to call it. Any shot from that distance no matter the goalie in the NHL is *completely* unacceptable. Completely. It's deflating to the team particularly when they know you should have had it. No one's blaming Theo for the loss, but let's be honest here, when the Habs need him at his best to win and he lets in shots like that, it's got to take a lot of steam out of the ol' sails.

Goal number two was nothing more than a weak backhander *after* Theo had made his lateral movement and had basically come to a stop. Not only that, it was glove side - supposedly a strong point for Theo. Okay, the Canucks managed to get him moving from one side of the crease to the other, but I'd hardly call it a one-timer shot that takes the goalie out of the equation. It was a poor goal.

The third goal, the Bert goal was a case of Theo failing to use his butterfly. He slid across, and yes Bert shot it somewhat against the grain, but had Theo managed to stay in the butterfly rather than curling his legs up behind him so he was basically sliding with the least profile possible, it ended up looking like he was beat horribly to the stick side. Hold the leg out where it belongs when you're a butterfly goalie, and that's a save.

The last two goals were certainly not his fault and for sure most of the rest of the team didn't show up to support him, but I think he'd be the first to say he let in a couple of real softies. And it has to be said he played well enough for it not to be about 10-2, of course. But no matter how many saves he made, he still let in those weak goals.

On the other hand, I do completely agree that he was great when he handled the puck. Up until about six games ago my wife would yell at me constantly when I'd scream at the TV, "Stay in your (expletive - delete) net!" Hell, my best friend, an Isle fan, used to love playing against Theo because the Isles were guaranteed a couple of scoring ops when Theo wandered. Not anymore!

Actually, you could say this game was a microcosm of his year. Brilliant on some plays and completely bone-headed on others.

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