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Originally Posted by Bruwinz37 View Post
Not a family issue....aside from not wanting to live in Boston.

This is all about TT realizing that the Bruins planned to deal him right after his NTC kicks in. Its been in the works for a year. They arent going to extend, so why sit Rask another year? Why sign AK to a one way deal for this year? This is TT's way to pick his landing spot. Nothing more. I dont blame either side, but TT just called checkmate on PC if the plan is to move him. Either way he wont be back in Boston next year. That ship has sailed unfortunately.
I disagree, I think it has a lot to do with his wife and kids picking up and moving to Colorado mid-season. Why would they move mid-season, 2000 miles away? Doesn't add up to TT trying to pick his landing spot. IMO.

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