Thread: Salary Cap: $70.3 Million for 2012-13
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06-01-2012, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by nds90 View Post
lol man, you need to chill out. if you can prove that rocky was dead set on airing home games on tv, then i'll be convinced.

based on what i've read, mcdonough deserves the credit and is the one who convinced rocky to show home games.

no where did i ever state that i dislike rocky. i'm grateful for everything he's done. i'm aware of how much he spends. i said bill was the cheap POS, not rocky.

i didn't realize you were butt buddies with rocky. you need to learn that not everyone is gonna agree with what you say on every thread....

calling people idiots for not believing everything you say is childish. you on the dot or something?
Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
I don't know how this thread became a Rocky **** fest. It's about the cap, ect. We all know Rocky makes a ton of money. Part of this is due to his situation, owning the UC (some owners don't own the stadium they pay rent to). Owning the beverage company, parking, ect.

Question is are the Blackhawks profitable as a stand alone business with current expenses. Probably but who knows and maybe that margin is getting squeezed with the escalating cap/guaranteed contracts. Try multiplying average ticket price of $129 X 50 home games X 21,000 butts. It's a big number. If player slaries are capped at xx%, that leaves a tone of dough left. Other owners may not have as good as Rocky in terms of generating revenue from all aspects of the business. Rocky may even feel all sources of revenue should not be taken in to consideration as they are unique to his family business. It is inconcievable that those ancillary businesses would even exist without the Hawks. Who owns a stadium w/o a team, who has sweetheart vending deals w/o a team? Those are phantom expenses.

I think the owners want closer to a 50/50 split with the players. Then you have Fehr on the other side so this is probably going to suck.
Originally Posted by nds90 View Post
dang wish i was as smart as you lol

again, mcdonough was the one responsible for getting the games on tv
Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
A little prove that Rocky wanted home games on TV before McD came around

Nov 5th he announced they'd show some home games. It was an abbreviated scheduled due to logistics with CSN's schedule that wouldn't allow all of them at such short notice.

Nov 20th, 2 weeks after the TV announcement, McD is introduced as president.
You really think between Nov. 5 and Nov. 20th McD was hired? He was ANNOUNCED on Nov. 20, I'm sure he was hired well before and convincing Rocky of TV, especially on WGN was part of the sales pitch for McD to get on board.

The TV exposure (and the Cup) lead to way more Hawks stuff everywhere. From Coke to grocery bags to you name it. I never saw anything like it in my life. All McD.

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