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06-02-2012, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
I've placed bets on the Devils each time they've trailed in a series and it has rewarded me with great odds each and every time.

Losing to Florida 2:1 odds
Losing to Flyers 2.1:1 odds
Losing to New York 2.4:1 odds
Losing to Kings 2.5:1 odds

Win or lose tomorrow, I fully expect this series to be 2 to 1, LA after Game 3, that's just the heart attack manner in which this team plays. It's almost like they dont start to play until they're backed into a corner, then then shock the hell out of the opponent by ridiculously elevating their game far above what the opponent has previously seen.

I'll probably place another bet at that time at something like 3.3:1 odds.
Wow those are pretty good numbers. I agree that 2-1 LA after 3 games, probably with us losing game 3. I know LA makes the same travel but I think it is harder for the Devils to be able to adjust that quickly with 1 day and flying to LA, don't see us winning that game. That's why we need to win, and I hate saying must this early, tomorrow.

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