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11-25-2003, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FlavorFlav desperate we Habs fans are for a trade or any kind of shake up to happen.

I thought that there was a system problem when I saw 8,400 hits and a whopping 174 responses (and counting!!!) to the thread that screams "BIG TRADE TOMORROW"

Joe Paco, or whatever your name is who started the nonsense, my hats off to you. When absolutely nothing happens tomorrow, you will have single-handedly deceived a whole lotta people. Born every minute, I suppose.

Amazingly, people still fall for the old, "I know this guy, can't mention names, but this imaginary, figment of my invisible non-existant friend's imagination told to expect a blockbuster deal involving (insert controversial Hab player of the week here) for (insert top scoring power-forward on any other NHL team here).

You got us all good, my friend. 174 responses in about 12 hours from salivating fans.

Well done.
It happens maybe because the Habs fan want a big trade for so long... Remember the last time the habs had 2 all star players playing at the same time on the same line? Even when Recchi was still here, Koivu was always injured...

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