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06-02-2012, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Zih View Post
If you recall, D2 wasn't a complete gear check. If you didn't have epic gear, you had certain classes/builds that you could still play perfectly well, like Hammerdin, Sorceress, or Trapasin. You wouldn't be quite as good as one with great gear, but you could play them well enough to farm for better gear.

You don't have that option in D3. Every single build of every single class is 100% gear checked. You either have to gear for inferno or you don't. If you don't, your only recourse is to buy it off the AH. A complementary problem is that the gear in D3 is so deathly boring. There isn't a single interesting stat in the whole damn game, they're all just numbers. And unless you find that perfect rare with +main stat, +vit, +all resists, it's worthless.

I haven't played in two days, and frankly I'm not sure when I'll get the urge to play again.
Zih... You have epitomized what i ahve been arguing about with my brother for hours.

The gear SUCKS. In D2 I could get an enigma and have my pally teleport, a CTA and I could do BO BC, Insights let me have auras, etc. In this game, there are like 7 stats, and thats it.

The skill bonuses are useless. I dont WANT -1 mana cost on hydras. Thats useless. I would want +10 hydra damage. Instead the only option to get stronger is just more intelligence. And strength and dexterity it practically useless to a wizard.

Even the best items are barely better than what my Wizard in Act 2 Hell have. They have like 50 more damage, and then a bunch of useless stats like strength and helth globe life.

The gear is boring...

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