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06-02-2012, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Devs Service Answers View Post
To clarify on the SH questions. I provided SH with all of the locations sold on the group manager link...they looked up which ones of those were sold on their site. They let us know the locations.

We contacted the folks who sold to let them know - they are being refunded and will not be on presale lists moving forward (we were able to pull our own purchase data from the locations sold....SH did not provide us with this).

SH is then calling the buyers to try to find them alternate locations.
Hahahaaha..... I dont know if you got into it with Stubhub but I think this means that the brokers/kids who pulled a fast one will be on the hook for the difference in price on the substitution of tickets, right? (assuming that is, that the tix sold on Stubhub)

I know that's how Stubhub works if there's an error in the listing (the lister is on the hook for the difference if the replacement tix are more expensive), so I'd imagine (though I'm unsure) that that might be how it works if the lister did something illegal or against the rules.

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