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06-02-2012, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Partagas View Post
Sorry Stv11 i completely disagree and i'm agree wîth Duga.
I have never seen such a swiss team challenging Canada and Finnland as this year.
You didn't really tackle any of my points, and your remark is simply not true. For most of the last decade, strong teams have been challenged every year: Canada in 2011 (OT loss after tying the game following a late goal), Canada and the Czech Republic (eventual champion) in 2010, Russia in 2009 (that one was a tactical masterpiece ruined by an individual mistake), Sweden in 2008 (impressive win), Sweden in 2006 (third period comeback to earn a tie), Russia (tie) and Sweden (quarterfinal) in 2005, Slovakia (quarterfinal, impressive pressure in the second half of the game after falling behind) in 2005.

Originally Posted by Partagas View Post
The limit of success and lost is always very small. Very well played against the 2, on paper , strongest teams of our group but to come out without a single point was very tough psycologically . And then the bad luck against France ,we were in the third time on the win way , the Monnet hit and penalty for Bezina.
In this moment the intire squad was shocked and a big mistake by Simpson not to call a time-out to relax the team.
I agree that there was some bad luck in this game, and the ref definitely screwed up, but you can't dismiss the way Switzerland played early in the 2nd period, that was just awful (the same thing happend against Belarus and Canada, by the way). Then, there is the performances against Slovakia and the US, which you can't dismiss either. All things considered, this was Switzerland's worst WC since 2002.

Originally Posted by Partagas View Post
Imho we should go with Simpson.
To make it clear once again, I think Simpson should stay. And in case he doesn't, going with Krüeger would be a huge mistake.

Originally Posted by Partagas View Post
Not to forget: our team will be sure much stronger in(perhaps already 1 year )in 2,3 years.
Streit except we have still young (Hiller,Weber ,Diaz) or very young NHL players(Nino,Sbisa,Josi,Bärtschi). Perhaps more NHL players too(Brunner and..).
This sure is a new situation for Switzerland, but it has some downsides too. A depth NHL player is not significantly superior to a good European league player, therefore the gain in talent doesn't compensate the loss in team chemistry. Hopefully in few years, our NHLers will have developed into solid contributors and this problem will be solved.

Originally Posted by Partagas View Post
In the next year they will be more experienced and stronger.And we have also in Switzerland more skilled players like Cunti,Moser and Loetscher (both we hope recovered and in his best shape for the future).
It works both way, some players are on their way in, while some important ones are on their way out (Plüss, Jeannin, Rüthemann...). Still, Switzerland's player depth has been slowly improving over the last 15 years, now we need to produce some world class talent.

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