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06-02-2012, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Hey, I knew he was gonna be a big injury risk and you can ook up my posts. Knees were bad then (before the injury). Groin injuries. HIS TECHNIQUE. (lack of)

Bad luck it got worse? For the Isles, sure....if they didn't see it coming. But hey, who could tel the way he gambles, sprawls everywhere, goes down so hard, is so often out of position, how he works out TOO MUCH and so on....who knew he'd be injury prone?

Oh, yeah, I did. A lot of people called it.

Bad contract, bad idea. The Isles? Well, Neil Smith tried to not go ahead with it. The backup goalie didn't try so hard.

He had knee issues. He had concussion issues. He rushed through injuries regularly. Then the contract.

BTW, flashback....

Didn't think twice all this time, but does it not look like El BJ hit DP's broken face WITH HIS ELBOW, not his fist?
It's a bad angle I think. When I saw it I remember it clearly being a fist. I think with the padding he wouldn't have gotten pure elbow contact anyway.

As far as you knowing all this, great. You are definitely a psychic because no one else saw it coming. I'm sure you'll have many posters jumping on your bandwagon about being a soothsayer, but there were no professionals out there who ever doubted DP's health. Also funny you are criticizing him with the same words used to describe another goaltender. (Dominik Hasek )

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