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06-02-2012, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Edr1971 View Post
Boy it is pretty amazing how the "pricing experts" from game 1 have been quiet today as the market price on SH has stayed consistent if not rising. Maybe Presale "idiots" were not as stupid after all. Yeah it would have been nice to have sth pricing but not option for me
Well I get as annoyed about the ob$e$$ion over the secondary market here as the next guy but in fairness, secondary market ticket prices are still a bit below presale prices and it's not like you had to buy 'all' the games during the presale. Almost anyone can recognize there's a difference in market value between a potential Cup-clincher and non-Cup clincher. Clearly the presale prices were above secondary market value for Games 1 and 2, though that might have changed for today if the Devils had won Game 1.

Like I said before the series though, it was almost impossible to predict where the line of demarcation was in terms of what would settle in to being market value. We hadn't been to a Cup Finals in nine years, and the secondary market back then was a lot more limited.

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