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06-02-2012, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by bathroomSTAAL View Post
They did sweep them last weekend. That the Cubs have managed to be the worst team by far in a division containing the Pirates and the Astros is quite an an accomplishment.
Not even sort of shocking. Having watched these losers pretend for the last 25 years, underachievement is how they operate. Seriously the Cubs are a great racket for any owner who doesn't actually care about fans and baseball. You have these legions of idiots who fancy themselves "die-hards" and "real fans" because they shell out for over-priced tickets, then pay $6.50 for a smashed up POS hotdog, $8 for a warm, skunked out Old Style, and the right to piss in a 30 foot long trough with other guys' urine splattering all over them... all so they can watch overpaid, underachieving players **** up every single year. It's surreal. I can't believe Hollywood hasn't made a movie in modern times making fun of these idiots.

Granted, every 10 years or so you get a good team who blows up in the playoffs, but other than that... pure loser from Owner to fans. It's unreal to me how little Cub fans demand of their team. It's like they are enablers of failure.


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