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06-02-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yes I have curly hair that's a PITA...
Ok, you're going to have to explain what PITA stands for or else I'm going to think you have flat bread coming out of your scalp...

I'll second the people that say there's a point when growing out your hair that absolutely sucks. Actually there's 2 depending on how long you grow it. The constantly in your eyes phase sucks as does the constantly in your mouth phase. You just gotta tough through it and you'll end up with long luscious locks.

Haven't had a haircut in 6+ years. My hair is straight and thin [the strands themselves, not the overall amount of them]. I take care of it by shampooing and conditioning about every other day and brushing/combing the tangles out of it about once a day, depending on what I've been doing. Because my hair is so thin it moves a lot in the wind or when I'm playing hockey so it gets tangled really easily. Even with all that "work" I still love my long hair and would only cut it if I was forced to for employment.

PS. Does anybody have a job they want to give me?

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