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Originally Posted by cfaub View Post
we each, you me and everyone else see things our own ways. You can't see what others see because you only see what you see and vice versa.

As for Clarke and his value, how much value does he bring back in a deal for himself? A second round pick? A third round pick? Nothing lower but not likely anything more than a second.

As for the Wilson deal

OK so OS got Wilson, a second, a third and a fourth, was there multiples of any of those in there?

Getting the picks back in another deal makes it a wash? Would that be the Blacker deal? If so then to make it a wash we ended up sending Blacker, Wilson and a fourth for Loktionov and a pick(?).

Was Loktionov worth Blacker, Wilson plus? Maybe but that is hindsight. Was the pick alone worth it? By your reasoning probably not.
No, I'll spell it out slowly for you cfaub.

To Windsor
7 overall import
3rd round pick
2nd round pick

To Owen Sound
Garrett Wilson
4th round pick
2nd round pick
3rd round pick

I'm saying the 2nd and 3rd picks are basically a wash in this deal. Obviously the picks were in different spots of those rounds, and in different years, but for the sake of our discussion we'll pretend that a 2nd in 2009 and a 2nd in 2010 have the same value making the exchange of 2nds and 3rds a saw off. At the end of the day, it was Wilson (a 3rd round OHL pick with 7 games of experience at the time) and a 4th for the 7 overall import pick. Any way you slice it, that's nowhere close to the same price you are suggesting with Clarke and Marchese. 2 roster players who were important parts of last years team are not the same as a 4th round pick and a kid in junior B.

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