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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Ringers are anyone clearly better than the level of competition.

Sucks in a scrimmage or regular season game but in the playoffs that's just terrible. Takes away from an otherwise competitive game and might rob a team of extra games or a more deserved championship.

A tourney win with ringers would be a very hollow victory.

In the past we've had borderline ringers...guys who were some of the best at that level but not head and shoulders above everyone or playing down knowingly. But they were there for the whole regular season and playoffs.

Only once did we have a guy who was just completely dominant whenever he wanted to be and got moved up halfway through the season. Whenever we were down, he'd just start scoring goals until we were tied. Must have had at least three hatties late in games we should have lost. After he was gone we were well under 0.500 and an easy out.
That's me right now because I got the last Sunday night spot left and it happened to be the lowest level we have... but I'd never run the score up on another team. I scored 4 goals last win in a 5-4 win... the other team may not like that but I only have 5 points in 5 games because I don't go all out and I don't see a problem with that... there's always going to be guys better than most in a league. It's the OHL players coming out for the mid level divisions that ruin it

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