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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Yeah sorry, I was talking about Videotron. With Bell, I had problems with connectivity (not in a basement appartment) but that was many moons ago and their service drastically improved. However the main issue I had with Bell was their piss-poor customer service. When I had a problem, they did not have an answer. Best times came when I would literally hear the dial tone after asking a simple question.

Connection now with Bell is good, even in the basement. Not sure how much you'd pay with Bell but with Videotron - equally good connectivity in my opinion - I pay really low since I have four services which in turn, gives me a discount.
Bell cost an arm and a leg ..especially their mobile service.

I have Videotron TV + Internet but I never looked at them for mobile since they had horrible phones. However, I just went on their website and I saw they have the Nexus and are getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 on June 20th.

Fido has horrible phone selection too except for the iPhone. It's like they have a deal with Apple or something that they are not allowed to offer high-end Android phones.

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