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06-02-2012, 02:49 PM
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while I somewhat agree with your premise and believe there's a good chance he stays here, you can look at that chart and see how much different Staal's role is than Sid or Geno's. There is more that differentiates a role on a team than ice time. Who does he play against? The other team's best players. Where does he take face-offs? In our own zone. Who does he play with? Checking line forwards and defensive D. Oh and when he steps on the ice the main goal of his line is to stop the other team from scoring, not to score themselves: that's bonus.

He has solid production, you are right. But wouldn't there be a piece of you that would want to see how much better that could be given offensive line mates, powerplay time, offensive zone starts and your coach telling you to get out there and score? Not to mention the extra money that comes along with that extra production.

And you can't really just ignore that he was a 2nd line center for the majority of this season. And even with that, one look at that chart posted above shows you the major difference between the kind of ice time he gets compared to Sid or Geno.

Like I said I think you are right. I think it's pretty close to 50/50 if he stays or goes, but I'd err on the side of staying.

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