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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post

If Gaborik isn't soft, then no player in the NHL is soft.

He shies away from contact 95% of the time.

He absolutely CANNOT take a bump and hold on to the puck.

Any sign of contact, and he releases the puck or moves it quickly in panic mode.

He tries desperately to avoid even the smallest hits, and honestly, I think it's that mentality that ends up getting him banged up and injured sometimes. If he was more pro-active and wasn't always in a defensive position, he could take more hits and the contact wouldn't be so awkward and painful. I know hes not built like Ovechkin but he's not Zuccarello either.

He's a horrible board player because he gets pinned so easily and doesn't try to fight his way through it.

If he's not soft, I don't know that there's a single player in the league who is.

Even Semin and Kovalev could take a bump and turn their back into the player to protect the puck. Gaborik is simply unable to do anything like that.

I'm not bashing him. He is what he is. When he's jumping into open lanes and finding dead spots in the coverage, there are very few players who are more lethal at finishing plays than Gaborik.

But are we really going to pretend he's not soft? Just because he played through an injury (like most players do) doesn't mean he's suddenly some rock of a tough guy.
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