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Originally Posted by bansheebeat View Post
Where did you get this "band aid on his pinky finger" business? As far as I know, the details of his upper body injury haven't been disclosed. If you have some insider information, spill it. Otherwise, you're just undercutting your argument by that kind of ridiculous accusation.
It's doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on. If he was too injured to play at any point in the finals he'd be shut down like Frattin and into his offseason regimen. They are keeping him around because he's expected to play at some point. That tells me it isn't a matter of being too injured to play, it's a matter of being in too much pain to play. When little Nazem feels up to it I'm sure he'll make his reappearance then blame his poor performance on his injury when that inevitably happens. This is the Calder Cup Finals, and he's in too much pain to play. In my mind that makes him a bit of a sissy boy, hence my comment about the band aid on his pinky finger. Blah blah blah I don't know the details, but they are irrelevant. The Leafs would have shut him down for the year if he were injured with a concussion, or something that could jeopardize his future. Kadri is too much of a wuss to tough out a little pain when there's a cup on the line. That's our savior guys.

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