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06-02-2012, 05:00 PM
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For San Jose, well let just say that I didn't conduct it the way real team will do 'cause my draft is filled with boom or bust....but if they out..Yet, I'm still unprepared, still watching some games as we speak to finish my list, discovered players that I didn't know too much and now know more.

19. Anton Slepyshev (Will fall during the draft, but in talent alone, this guy is CLEARLY 1st round material, and in my opinion top 20 talent no question)
55. Henrik Samuelsson (Like the pick. Yet, there are still a lot of players that are really interesting here, from Andersson, to Sutter, to Hart, Lindell etc...)
110. Austin Cangelosi (Is really happy with this one. Though, Calnan and Johnson might make me regret my pick. Yet again, this is a clear boom or bust. Let's boom Austin...)
140. Francis Beauvillier (I really thought I was going with the BPA at that point. I had ups and downs with Beauvillier all season long. He has a lot of good instincts, but don't convert too much. And after the pick, I learned A LOT about DeBlouw and now I'm not too sure)
170. Ryan Olsen (Love my pick at that spot. Watched a lot of games involving his team, and sometimes, found that he had a better presence in the game than Sutter. Not saying he will end up projecting as a better player, yet at #170, that's a very good pick and I'm happy with it. Yet, again, I learned about another player who I predict will be a riser or a steal of the draft in Adam Gilmour. Great pick LA.
191. Sven Andrighetto (Another boom or bust Cangelosi style. Smallish but extremely talented. At that point, maybe Montgomery would have been another possibility. Or Dickman.)
200. Alex Kile (Really happy with this one at that stage. Yet, it is entirely possible that if we would have known about the re-entries, that I might have tried one if available at that spot. But I like Kile).

So I'm happy. Will be more prepared for 2013....or so I hope.

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