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06-02-2012, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
Going by the way things were the other day probably made it a little more difficult to gauge how it would pan out here. I definitely understand the waiting, especially since Game 1 left many tickets show up practically out of nowhere. I didn't know about the timing with tickets being pulled either. But variables like that is kind of what supports my general notion. That's the mindset I have when purchasing tickets for an event though, so it doesn't work for everyone. I would rather know I'm going and deal with the fact I may have saved a few dollars than miss out because I was too hesitant. It goes along with what some were arguing when saying they were satisfied with purchasing via the pre-sale for game 1, just without the extreme disparity in ticket prices between the original and stubhub coming into the equation.
Well, the thing is that the inventory is there. If they hadn't put TM up, I wouldn't have expected it at all, you can still pull club pairs and obviously the Jets fan with nothing to do pulled them in other areas.

So hell, maybe they cost themselves buys too. Probably killed a couple of resellers as well.

Basically, long story short, this postseason has been a mess with what they're doing. Probably found a way to piss off everyone.

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