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11-26-2003, 01:40 AM
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Yeah Boston does have a good team... but as Habs mentioned, they did it by royally stinking it up in one season, and therefore picking up Thornton and Samsonov in one draft.

They also had a much greater build around their squad... When Andre Savard had to pick up the pieces of the CH less than 3 years ago... we were well on our way to being the worst team in the league. It did not help much having the absolute worst GM (next to Milbury at the time) in the league at that time, and did not know value if it bit him in the back door. (i.e. famous Houlian quote "there is no need to build on the draft" :mad: )

Furthermore, I personally don't like to see the habs be a bottom dweller... But the improvement is heavily significant in AS's time... and even Gainey has added a few players that will be around for a while yet. Our thing in Montreal is that our time has not come yet... and as some have alluded too, we are built to be strong after the 2004-05 strike ends. Some of our strong forward talent has only scratched the surface... while others will have to wait a bit before they are ready to be a part of this team... Many scouts have said that Andrei Kastsitsyn could have made this line up THIS year, but his personal/and eventually our scouting departments choice was to leave his growing talent under the great Viktor Tikhonov...

These guys that are mentioned as to being useless, I disagree with some (Juneau is a good fixture to this squad whether people want to believe it or not) but further more, they are here to get rid of worse bums like Jim Campbell, or Johan Witehall... Xavier Deslisle... The pure crap Houle set this team up with was absolutely rediculous.

The truth of the matter was outside of a few prospects, Souray, Theo, and Saku... this team was really poor in terms of having any real talent.
Savard plugged the holes for a few years with some bonafide NHL talent, sent a LOT of bums packing, and made our Prospect depth list top grade. We are 1/2 way there to getting back to previous glorious levels Montreal is used to... but people cannot see it because we aren't in a complete and utter Youth movement...

1-2 years and we are there, guaranteed... while many other squads will be dropping because their suns will have set.

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