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11-26-2003, 03:19 AM
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Good points Habsolution We are on opposite sides of the fence for sure, and I also see your points as well.

In my rebuttal, I tend to believe that Juneau, Quintal, and Perrault were good additions to this team. Dackell I see as a good addition up until his contract extension, and Bouillon should not have been brought back (I'd rather of seen the return of Robidas IMHO)

Juneau is a very intelligent player, and I feel he is responsible for the development of the Jan Bulis we see today. The main thing with him I see as a roblem is that he has some offensive vision, but has been buried in to a defensive only role here in Montreal. His time here will expire at the end of this season, when I hope he will retire, and become a coach for this organization (this guy is a rocket scientist, and understands hockey like only a few people do). He has been every role there is in this game... I hope he will be a defensive coach or Special teams coach... It would be nice espescially since he would not be that far removed from his playing days, so players could relate to him better because of it.

Q-ball has been very good in the leadership department, and brings alot of pride in playing for the CH. He also is in the tail end of his career... 1 year remaining on his contract. I think he should come in to training camp with an open mind next season (that is if Rivet or Brisebois is moved) and should be the odd man out if one of the RD's are ready for next season (i.e. Archer... can't think of too many others though )

Perrault was needed in the first year of his contract FOR sure... as per right now, I don't see him lasting all year with us, as he still has some gas left in the tank, and his role in the NHL is primarily top 2 center... The only way I see him sticking around would be as a third line center, but unfortunately I feel his pride is too much for that. Ribeiro definately is ready for second line role now (because it truly was a now or never role for Ribs... I'm glad he ran with it) but he was insurance in case Ribs did bust. I think he still carries some value due to his face-off ability, and his sniping abilities. As a third liner though, I would make him primarily responsible for offensive contributions on that line, and stick 2 guys who can fill in defensively, and create some oppurtunities for him. (My 3rd line w/ him would be with Kilger and Sundstrom)

As for Traverse, that was a horrible deal... Dackell was easily replaced with an upgrade (Sundstrom).. And Bouillon clogs more holes than he contributes (It's pretty ugly having Dykhuis, Traverse, Hainsey and Beauchemin in the minors )

The scouting dept. on this team has done better IMHO than almost any other team in the league since AS took over. The most obvious reasoning for this is just by looking how far we've come in just 3 short years. Savard has been a wizard for mid-late picks... and it is only a matter of time before we start tasting the repercussions from such good, shrewd picks... By not taking the complete youth movement however has put us in Suspended time... as I think we will be drafting anywhere from 8 - 17 th this year... Habs have always been a team that slowly brought about their players... (a friend of mine, who played for the Jr habs in the 60's 70's mentioned that LaFleur was sitting on the bench for the better part of 3 seasons because he was to watch what was going on before he was given the reigns as the premier RW'er on the team)

I firmly believe we are on the right path however, as we are built from the back end out... as many have said is the correct approach (and I am a believer of this approach as well). Having a Kovalchuk on the roster now, I feel would prematurely bring us to the next level... Hindering our future ability to become a major contender for the Stanley CUp.

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