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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
And lets not forget that if Slovan will sign players on short term deals no core building will happen, Slovan is no longer the big dog of the league...
thats like catch 22, why would they spend money on long term deals when they havent played a single game in the KHL.

The players they have now are more or less local, young and all improving their stats drastically!

Its reasonable for them not to want to spend crazy amounts of money on a rookie year in the league. Chelyabinsk went from not making the playoffs to being 1st in the standings

I would floor the 1st year too, and focus on getting my youngster acclimatized as a team to play on such a higher level. Not invite a sh**load of finns and swedes and let the slovaks ride the bench to get ousted in the first round of the playoffs at best anyway.

Then the next year make adjustments according to the core and perhaps invite some good players maybe.
IMO they are a champion team and already have a core, so they dont need to pull a HC Donbass or Lev and go nuts over the signings. They'll get a couple more guys and see how the first year goes.

I doubt a club such as Slovan is living day-to-day, im sure they got the long term planned out.

my point is that it might not even be about not having money as much as not wanting to spend it.

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