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06-03-2012, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
you aren't really talking prediction here, you are just listing the course of events that happened. Predicting an injury to the second knee because him coming back to early from repairing the first, logically makes sense. I don't see ANYONE predicting the first knee injury. I still don't see much fact to your statement about many seeing this coming as I've seen no links or anything. I kinda just have to take your word for it just as I predicted the Kings would make it to the finals when the playoffs started but I have nothing to back it up with as it was all verbal and nothing written...
it's called a hunch. I had the hunch about Quick, but NOT THE REST OF LA.

I picked Phoenix, another in the Anaheim/Carolina/TB line of one hit blunders.

But I called Rick just watching how he goes down and abuses his body UNNECESSARILY in his "style" (sizzling bacon). Of course you hurt your knees playing like that. Hasek? He's a friggen I just pray he stays retired (he's announced he wants more fame/glory/money at age 47, unretiring yet again.

So no fact other than I was making fun of sizzling bacon way back much to the chagrin of many and said he would get injured and retire early. I don't wanna look it up on the old posts - they might even be on Imania (why did I ever post there?) - but several people hated anything anti-Ricky but now are fed up as well.

Rick's style sucks and did him in. Maybe I'll look for ten year old posts saying he'd be hurt. Lemme try and get bored enough to go through the whole rigmarole.

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