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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Lemaire's record includes his stint with the Canadiens at a time when he had to install an all-ice defensive system because the team was weak. In fact, I believe he invented (or reinvented) the trap.
You mean the one full season he coached here? The one that included Carbo, Gainey, Lafleur, McPhee, Hunter, Naslund, Ludwig, Lemieux, Richer, Nilan, Svoboda, Smith, Shutt, Roy, Tremblay??? Ya, really weak crap roster...

Originally Posted by HCH View Post
Mathman sounds completely obsessed with Martin AND Cunneyworth... continually praising one and slamming the other, never giving an inch or admitting that Martin might have had a few shortcomings....

Guess what.... NEITHER one of them are coaching the Canadiens. It's a whole new regime in the front office and I would guess the new regime agrees with those who think that Martin didn't do the job.

Square that circle!
MathMan isn't praising anybody. If you didn't have such bias you'd easily notice that.
The guy is one of the very few unbiased posters on this board. If he actually likes someone, he'll admit it.

What he brings up is pretty evident. Like or dislike Martin, he brought structure to this team (outside his first year). The team actually played like a team, apparently that was just the players playing for themselves, except they were following the system JM proned. The problem is that if we believe Spacek and Gill, they can't even recognize that they were playing the way JM wanted them to, which is pretty troubling to be honest.

As for RC, the guy was worse than a pee-wee coach. Absolutely the worst coaching job I've ever seen in the pros. Now, that might be due to Gauthier's tight ship, but we won't know until he's re-hired in the NHL as HC.

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