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06-03-2012, 11:02 AM
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Are hockey skate rentals good to use to learn how to skate?

Long time lurker, first time poster.

My brother and I are turning 30 this summer... and we decided after watching & loving hockey for however many years that we were going to finally learn how to play and join a league this Fall.

We actually played a fair amount of roller hockey during college; nothing too demanding nor really any organized games. Just skate time really.

So we went to public skating at the local rink yesterday, rented hockey skates, and began our quest to learn how to ice skate over the summer. After some time, we started to get a decent feel for the ice - rollerblades definitely aren't a 1-1 feeling to ice hockey skates, but I feel like we were better than someone who had zero skating of any kind experience.

Now my question: we found that the rented hockey skates might have possibly been hindering us? What I mean is: when we skating, we noticed that the blades tended to have \ type of contact on the ice. I would have to literally push out on the outside of my foot to get the blade at a | type of straight angle on the ice. I definitely couldn't skate while pushing on the outsides of my feet so my blades had constant contact on the ice in that \ angle.

We watched some guys who had their own skates and obviously knew what they were doing and it seemed like their skates had a | type of straight angle on the ice when they skated.

Reading through the beginner's gear guide on this forum (AWESOME btw, great stuff), I'm thinking that I might shell out some money to buy some skates so I can learn on proper, good hockey skates. Good idea? Or can someone truly learn how to skate on rented hockey skates?

Also - am I correct in assuming that the skate's blade shouldn't always be at a \ angle when skating? I'm talking at all times, too - even just gliding around they were like that.

Thanks! And sorry for such a long-winded post - we are really excited to do this and I want to ensure that we learn how to skate properly and we're not being held back by renting hockey skates.

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