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06-03-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
What makes you think an extension has to be part of the deal? Many teams might take a chance on letting him play there a full season and trying to sign him next spring / summer. Plenty of teams have plenty of cap room. I think it's fair to say Shero will involve Staal in the process in terms of handling it like a class organization / not ignoring what the player wants, but the value of trade offers depends only on the other GM offers. Shero is going to sit back and let the offers role in, pick the two or three he likes best, talk with Staal about those, and as long as there isn't a major conflict he'll pick the deal he likes best. Simple as that.

Whether Staal's agent talking to other teams will drive up the offers, I don't know. I suppose that's possible. But Staal has neither a NTC nor a NMC AFAIK (?), which means Shero drives the discussion, and value for the Penguins takes precedent over any other factor, including Staal's wish list. If Shero can get an A+ deal from a team Staal has no interest in, or an A- deal from a team he does have interest, I'm sure he'll go with the latter. But if Staal's top destinations are offering mediocre value, Shero won't do it / will move him somewhere else. Simple as that.

In the end though if we get a nice cap bump Shero will sign him most likely.
I think the point he's making is that 1 year of Staal isn't going to bring back the same return as a signed Staal or a Staal that they can at least discuss it with. I can't imagine we get anything resembling what Philly got for Richards or Carter if the other team has no idea if he plans to walk next year. I wouldn't want us to give up the types of assets we are talking about bringing in for 1 year of almost anybody.

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