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Paul Coffey !!!

Awards and Achievements:
4 x Stanley Cup Champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1991)

3 x Norris Trophy Winner (1985, 1986, 1995)

4 x First Team All-Star (1985, 1986, 1989, 1995)
4 x Second Team All-Star (1982, 1983, 1984, 1990)

Hart voting – 4th(1986), 4th(1995)
Norris voting – 1st(1985), 1st(1986), 1st(1995), 2nd(1984), 2nd(1989), 3rd(1982), 4th(1990), 5th(1983), 5th(1987), 5th(1991), 5th(1996), 7th(1988), 9th(1993)
All-Star voting – 1st(1985), 1st(1986), 1st(1995), 2nd(1989), 3rd(1982), 3rd(1984), 3rd(1990), 4th(1983), 5th(1991), 5th(1996), 7th(1987), 7th(1993), 7th(1994), 12th(1988), 14th(1992)

Ultimate Hockey’s “Best Offensive Defenseman” of the 1980s
Ultimate Hockey’s “Best Skater” of the 1980s

Scoring Accomplishments:
Points – 2nd(1984), 3rd(1986), 5th(1985), 6th(1989), 6th(1995), 9th(1990), 13th(1983), 13th(1991)
Goals – 7th(1986), 19th(1984)
Assists – 2nd(1984), 2nd(1985), 2nd(1995), 3rd(1986), 4th(1983), 4th(1989), 5th(1990), 8th(1991), 10th(1993), 13th(1994), 14th(1992), 15th(1982), 17th(1996)

Points among Defensemen – 1st(1982), 1st(1983), 1st(1984), 1st(1985), 1st(1986), 1st(1989), 1st(1990), 1st(1993), 1st(1995), 3rd(1991), 3rd(1996), 5th(1987), 5th(1988), 6th(1992), 6th(1994)

Play-off Points – 2nd(1985), 4th(1984), 5th(1995)
Play-off Goals – 3rd(1985), 6th(1984)
Play-off Assists – 2nd(1985), 3rd(1984), 5th(1989), 6th(1995)

Play-off Points among Defensemen – 1st(1984), 1st(1985), 1st(1995), 3rd(1989), 4th(1983), 4th(1996), 5th(1991), 5th(1993), 6th(1987), 7th(1986)

Originally Posted by Ultimate Hockey – Biography
Certainly, Coffey could skate, pass, and shoot, but many saw him as little more than a center playing the blue-line. They thought of him as a defensive liability, a hockey player out for the goals and glory.


He proved himself defensively, playing a magnificent two-way game in the 1987 Canada Cup tournament.
Originally Posted by Legends of Hockey
Smooth-skating Paul Coffey embodied everything an offensive defenseman could be -- lightning fast, a skilled playmaker, a booming shot and savvy, yet still able to defend his team's zone employing blinding speed.


… the Oilers were developing into a highly skilled, offensively explosive club and Coffey's skill set meshed perfectly as the quarterback of the dynamic young team.
Originally Posted by Greatest Hockey Legends
The first thing everyone thinks about when the name Paul Coffey is mentioned is his skating ability. Wearing skates several sizes too small, this guy was simply amazing. In a couple of strides he was able to glide through the neutral and offensive zones faster than those dogged checkers chasing him. He was every bit as silky smooth as he was lightning quick.
Originally Posted by Jim O’Leary
He moves like a marble on a hardwood floor.
Originally Posted by Scotty Bowman
Coffey was one of the most unique defensemen to ever play in the league. He was often referred to as a 'rover.' The biggest thing about Coffey was his tremendous speed. If he couldn't skate like he did, he would not have been able to move up and play like he did. He was like a fourth forward on most attacks.
Originally Posted by Doug MacLean
Paul Coffey was a winner. Paul had some fire. He wasn’t physical, but he had fire, and he wanted to win. He was a real winner.

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