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Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
He doesn't always bring stats into the equation. Much of the time it's his own opinions just like everyone else here.
Most of my opinions are based on statistical and/or systematic analysis, but I don't bring this every post because 1-it would get tiresome for everyone, 2-some posters would reject it out of hand anyway and 3-it might spark a debate over the validity of the entire approach, which has been done ad nauseam elsewhere and has never got us much of anywhere.

I've consciously cut down on the amount of stats I post on this forum for exactly these reasons. Some of my opinions are certainly more personal-taste, though.

Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
I guess it irks some people that most of the Habs players are saying X and he continues to assert that they're either wrong or saying Y.
The problem is that the people who say the interviews are saying X don't realize that the players are really not saying that, or at least not to that extent. Just look at the title of this thread and compare to the relatively mellow wording in the actual interviews for an example.

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