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06-03-2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Gutchecktime View Post
I think it'll take more teams to be really interested in Luongo than just Toronto for his value to go up. Bob McKenzie, Pierre Lebrun etc all keep saying that other teams are looking elsewhere. If Toronto's not even bidding against anyone...
Didn't they say exactly the opposite of that on the last Sportscentre Insider segment.

Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
So what goalies are left if Thomas is taking the year off?

Kipper(If he's available)
Vokoun(1-2 year stopgap)
Harding(Terrible stats for playing in MIN)
Lindback(Proven less then Schneider)
Bernier(See Lindback)

Any of the other goalies are being released by teams because they want an upgrade. So imo guys like Khabby wouldn't even been worth it.
Kipper - Look at the personnel on Calgary and the coach they just hired, they are not trading Kipper.

Vokoun - has turned down BIG money in the KHL in order to try and win the Cup, his list of teams is likely pretty short.
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Harding - not an NHL starter.

Lindback - not an NHL level starter, didn't he drop in the draft due to a medical condition that is only going to get worse? Has that changed?

Bernier - not an NHL starter, has not looked all that good in the NHL behind one of the best defensive teams in the league.

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