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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Do you guys think sports energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, etc. add anything at all in the sense of increased awareness? Are they of any benefit at all or something not to be messed with?
My experience is anecdotal and totally un-scientific, but playing sports of any kind (hockey or otherwise), I've occasionally had a sugarless (this is key, I've had "regular" ones and they backfire) energy drink (usually an 8 oz. Red Bull since they're small) and I've felt like I've performed a bit better and was more aware of the game around me.

Of course, it could be a placebo effect as well. My advice if you want to try it at all is, either get an 8 oz. Red Bull, or if you get one of the American brands, only drink half of it. And make sure it's the sugarless version. I've generally had it about 1 hour before the game.

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