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06-03-2012, 05:32 PM
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Not sure, but the difference in the 9900 and the 7500 might come down to weight. Maybe someone else here can confirm.

I used to have an Easton cage on my E700, and it made the setup front-heavy. Switching to the 9900 made a HUGE difference ... to the point, I don't notice the weight of the lid/cage at all.

You might also checkout the Bauer Reakt cages, which are starting to show up in stores. They're supposed to be Ti and even lighter than the 9900, with the same flat bar construction.

As for fit, as the poster above noted, best to take your actual helmet and have the shop fit it. Not sure if you're planning on wearing a mouthguard with the cage, but keep in mind that that will have some bearing on the fit.

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