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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
Yes, but on the flip side why settle for a 2nd rounder? Radulov is worth more than that, NyR should atleast offer a 1st. If they don't, they will need to wait 2 years to have a shot at him.
Who says he's worth more than that? If some other team is offering a 1st, and Radulov is interested in signing with said team, then he is worth a 1st. If no team is offering a 1st, or no team that he will sign with is offering a 1st, then Radulov is not worth that.

The big questions here are:
1. Will Radulov resign in Nashville? If he will, then Poille has plenty of options and doesn't need to take a lower return. If he won't, then he has to shop him for whatever he can get.

2. Who will Radulov sign a contract with? It doesn't matter if team X will offer a ransom for him if Radulov won't sign with Team X.

3. Of those teams that Radulov might sign with, who is interested in allocating assets and a considerable chunk of money money towards Alexander Radulov? If the answer is 4 or 5 teams, then Poille has got himself a bidding war and is in the driver seat. If a majority of the desirable destinations aren't interested in devoting assets and 5-6 million worth of cap hit, then Poille is going to have a difficult time recouping much.

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