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Originally Posted by Girardi View Post
This is a really cool 2D on-line interactive Java hockey game. ( )

Once you get on the webstite, create an account (click register) and follow the instructions. Once that is done, put your mouse over the arrow beside the 'Play Hockey' option and it will show you a list of servers. If you live in Europe select the 'Old Applet, FI' if you're from North America click on 'Old Applet, USA'.

This is a really fun game with a lot of cool guys who've played together for years. I for one am Canadian so I play on the North American server which is becoming less and less populated - by what it seems - every month. We're trying to recruit players from websites such as these and teach them how to play and make them better. We run a big league that everyone who is 'good' plays in and we're trying to expand that league to ultimate heights. This is where you guys reading come in. Once again, this is a real fun game, bring a few buddies from other games that you play and just come and have a good time. if you want to learn how to play send me a note by doing the following.

** You need to be logged into your account to do this**
1. Type into your URL
2. Go to the subheading at the top of the screen 'My Info'
3. Underneath the subheading at the top of the screen 'Account Information', there will be another subheading which is 'Notes'
4. Scroll down your screen until you find 'Send Note'
5. send the note to 'Girardi' and make the subject whatever, and I will answer any questions or concerns and I will set up times where I can teach you how to play.

P.S. If I'm online just ask me.

Thank You

This letter is on behalf of the entire North American server.
You ******* get your own thread.


Season just started guys so if you want to get a nice start on your player you should join now & be entered into the Season 29 draft. It's looking kind of weak right now so if you stay mildly active there's a chance to be a 1st round pick!

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