Thread: Salary Cap: 2012-13 - Has it been announced ?
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06-03-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
From what I read around the boards is that even if the cap goes up next season, their is a high chance it goes down the following year.
And we hear that e-v-e-r-y single year.

Do you understand how the cap works? Do you understand how the escrow account works? Do you understand what the cap is based on? Do you know that the NHL has increased revenues (and profit) and attendance every single year since the new CBA. Do you know that if a new CBA is created with a new set of rules and hypothetically, a lower revenue share for the players, that it would be extremely foolish to not cut back salaries across the board to fit the new standard?

There's high chance you're just too full of yourself to even look up these things and learn them. Like the rest of our society, you have 'learned' by copying, by memory, instead of what society should strive for, which is teaching children to learn by themselves, by observation, to guide them in that process, but authority is important in a stratified dynamic, to keep those in power, and to maintain authority, you need people to copy, not observe, to trust the authority, rather than their own eyes. So you're usual mode of operation, like most people, is to repeat what you've heard from those you consider in a position of authority. Yet, most of them are clueless, because like everyone else, they repeat what they've heard. Oh, they might be right, but they're just repeating what they've heard. Too few people actually have had the childhood environment and factors that have made them observe more than they copy. This is not to diss you, it's an observation I've made over all those years where I've learned by myself by observing, rather than trusting authority. I hope you take what's good from this (the annunciation of a truth), but I don't expect you to.

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