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Jari Kurri !!!

Awards and Achievements:
5 x Stanley Cup Champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990)

IIHF All-Star (1991)

#50 The Hochek News' top 100 Greatest Players of All Time

Selke voting – 2nd(1983), 3rd(1984), 4th(1985), 5th(1986), 10th(1987), 10th(1989)
All-Star voting – 1st(1985), 1st(1987), 2nd(1984), 2nd(1986), 2nd(1989), 5th(1983), 6th(1988), 8th(1990)

Scoring Accomplishments:
Points – 2nd(1985), 2nd(1987), 4th(1986), 7th(1984), 8th(1989), 9th(1983), 13th(1988), 19th(1990)
Goals – 1st(1986), 2nd(1985), 3rd(1987), 5th(1984), 14th(1989), 15th(1983), 17th(1988)
Assists – 9th(1985), 9th(1986), 10th(1983), 13th(1984), 13th(1987), 15th(1989), 17th(1990)

Play-off Points – 2nd(1984), 3rd(1985), 3rd(1989), 4th(1990), 6th(1983), 6th(1987)
Play-off Goals – 1st(1984), 1st(1985), 1st(1987), 1st(1989), 7th(1990), 8th(1993), 9th(1983)
Play-off Assists – 3rd(1984), 4th(1987), 4th(1990), 5th(1983), 8th(1986), 10th(1985)

Originally Posted by Ultimate Hockey – Biography
Kurri could do it all. He had excellent speed, enough natural instincts to ultimately earn a regular spot on Gretzky’s right flank, a generous pinch of defensive awareness, and a shot rivaling that of Mike Bossy.
Originally Posted by Who’s Who in Hockey
Kurri had a few unique attributes that made the most of their collective talents. Gretzky was the greatest passer in NHL history, but Kurri was one of the best ever at shooting off the pass without stopping the puck (the one-timer).

Even his excellent defensive skills could be an offensive plus, since the Oilers employed Kurri and Gretzky on the penalty kill, and they set new records for shorthanded goals.

Kurri's defensive skills were often overshadowed by his marvelous offensive numbers.
Originally Posted by Right on the Numbers
One of the best defensive forwards of the era, the right-hand man was the perfect compliment to the Great One. Over an 8 year period, the two broke record upon record.
Originally Posted by The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hockey
He would also turn out to be a winger who could actually make Gretzky even better. His name was Jari Kurri.
Originally Posted by Hockey’s Most Wanted
Jari Kurri was one of the primary offensive weapons of the great Edmonton Oilers teams of the 1980s. He scored 601 goals during his career and played on five Stanley Cup championship teams. A clutch performer, four times Kurri led all scorers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Originally Posted by Legends of Hockey
Playing the majority of his career both with Wayne Gretzky and in Gretzky's shadow as his so called, "Right-hand Man," Jari Pekka Kurri was considered by many to be perhaps the best defensive forward in the NHL. His two-way abilities were the perfect complement for his hard, accurate shooting and scoring proficiency.
Originally Posted by Greatest Hockey Legends
An excellent skater blessed with speed and agility, Kurri always knew how to dart into openings for Gretzky's deft passes. He rarely had the puck long if he was in scoring position. His release was quick but deadly accurate.


Kurri was also a strong defensive presence which allowed Gretzky to concentrate on offense. He was never considered a physical player, but was unafraid of the corners and sacrificed his body to make a play
Originally Posted by Mike Gartner
Jari had a great shot and he had a great ability to find holes and to find openings out on the ice. Playing with a guy like Gretzky for a good part of his career where Wayne could get him the puck and there weren't too many guys who were ever better at finding those holes on the ice than Jari was.

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