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11-26-2003, 06:25 AM
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These two teams are the two best in the NHL right now and I hope they meet up in the playoffs.
At first, I was ready to say the Devils aren't but then I thought for a second. (Yes Flyers fans do think! ).

The Flyers have beaten the best in the West (VAN) and the best in the East (BOS, at the time). The Devils have not lost in 12 games so I would definitely agree that we are the two best teams in the league right now bar none.

I think the Flyers are finally all on the same page. The goaltending isn't erratic like it was with Cechmanek. The scoring isn't coming in bunches like it did last year. Defense is playing very well and that in turn is part of the reason our goalies our doing well. Holding Boston to 13 shots in one game shows how well our defense is playing. One of the big things I have noticed this year with our guys is that if and when we give up the lead (as we have a few times this year) we haven't come apart at the seams. This year, we get the go-ahead goal and clamp down on the teams after that by basically shutting them down and not letting them into our zone. The last few minutes of the B's game, they had trouble just getting the puck past the red line.

There seems to be more chemistry with the team this year. The locker room doesn't appear to have a split with Roman on one side and the rest of the guys on the other. The boys have faith in Esche & Hackett that they can get the job done. That definitely helps both of them by knowing the guys trust in them. Hack has never played for a team like the Flyers, meaning a competitive team, and it's showing that when he has a good team in front of him he plays well. Esche is doing good because he is playing alot more than he did last year. Last year, he was just shut down when Hitch decide on Chemo for the rest of the season. He plays calm and collected and doesn't flop around in net.
In conclusion, one word comes to mind with the Flyers this year:

Consistent: Constant scoring, consistent goaltenders and a defense that consistently takes care of business in our zone.

The Devils, what can you say about them. They don't have any great players that stand out like you do on other teams. You just have a group of guys that play every position very well. They have one of the best defenses in the league with Stevens, Niedermayer, Rafalski, White and goal scorers like Madden, Friesen, Langenbrunner, Elias, Gionta and Rupp. They don't have the big name lines like Colorado has with Forsberg, Hejduk and Selanne, Sakic & Kariya. (Lot of good having these guys has done). The Devils don't need one person to do it all.
They have 5 or more to do it on offense and one of if not the best defenses in the league and the best goalie in the league, Brodeur.
As a Flyer fan, of course I hate him because we can never seem to solve how to score on him. But as a hockey fan, I would consider him the best goalie around today, no one is even near him.

I am encouraged that the Flyers are still maintaining a lead over the Devils even though the Devils appear to be unstoppable at the moment.
The home and home series coming up on 12/12 & 12/13(I will be there for this one) will most likely two of the most exciting games all year.
A showdown of the two best in the East and the NHL.

(Now you know that killed me to say anything good about the Devils...the pain. )

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